Screenshot of a support page for configuring forms, titled "Enabling Advanced Options". Shows an example customised "Gender" drop-down with options "Male", "Female", "Other", "Mx", "Non-Binary". Explanatory text includes advice "if you want to revert to the standard options" and "Note that you cannot delete a gender option, so add only when necessary. Raise a ticket in Support if you need a gender item deleted."
Advanced Gender Options
A screenshot of a form field titled "Gender" with a description of "If your gender isn't listed below, please use Other to self-describe."
Trans Woman
A screenshot of a website with a blank form field for "Sex", and a form field for "Gender Identity" with dropdown options for "I prefer not to specify", "Male", "Female", "Genderqueer/Non-binary", "I prefer to specify"
I Prefer To Specify
A screenshot of the "Gender" page of a form, where the options are Male, Female, Pronouns, Other
A photo of a website with a form field having the dropdown options "Man", "Woman", "Agender", "Trans Man", "Trans Woman", "Do Not Use - Code Updated" thrice in a row, "Genderqueer", "Do Not Use - Code Updated" and "My gender not listed".
Do Not Use - Code Updated
A form widget titled "Student Details" with checkbox options "Girâ–¯", "\nBOY"
A screenshot of a website on a mobile phone with a form field "Character gender for name..." and options for "Male", "Female", "They"
A screenshot of a website form which says "Please indicate your gender" and has a select box with options for "Male", "Female", "Transgender/Non Binary", "MX", "Not disclosed"
A screenshot of a web site with a question of "What is your gender?" and clickable options for "Male", "Female", "LGBTQiA+"
A screenshot of an online form with a "Gender" field and dropdown options of "Male", "Female", "Human"
A screenshot from what appears to be a video game character creation screen, showing buttons for "Start Game" and "Reset", a "Skin Texture" changer, an "Age" slider, a "Skin Tone" selector, and a toggle choice between "HE/THEY" and "SHE/THEY"
A screenshot of a form with a question of "What is your gender?" where the radio select options are "Female", "Male", "Cisgender/Non-binary", "Prefer to not answer"
A form widget titled "Sex" with radio options "Male", "Female", "Other", "Unknown", "Ambiguous"