A screenshot of a form with a title of New Message. The form has a field for "Salutation" with four radio options, the left-most of which is labelled "Mr", the right-most of which is labelled "Miss", and the middle two of which are blank.
Salutation Scale
A screenshot of a list of options including "Mrs", "Mr", "Mrs Dr", "Mr Dr", "Mrs Prof", "Mr Prof", "Mrs Prof Dr", "Mr Prof Dr"
Mrs Prof Dr
A photo of an online form with a selection with options "Please select", "Mr", "woman", "Divers"
A photo of a paper form asking for name, address, city, etc, including options at the top for "MR.", "MRS.", "MS.", "DR.", "TRANS."
Title: TRANS.
A screenshot of a form field called "Title" with a select dropdown of "Please Select", "Mr", "Mrs", "Ms", "Doctor(Male)", "Doctor(Female)"
Gendered Doctor Titles