A screenshot of a form (in Dutch) with three radio buttons "Man", "Vrouw" (Female) and "Privé" (Private)
Screenshot of a PDF formular, asking for the "Geschlecht - leiblich" (German). This can be roughly translated to "physical gender". The following options are available: m, w, yes and no.
Physical gender
A screenshot of a website with a form field for "Genero" and radio options for "Masculino", "Femenino", "Sin especificar"
Unspecified, but in Spanish
A screenshot of an application window showing a form in French, with a field for "Genre communautaire" (Google Translate: community gender) and select options for "conifères et feuillus" (Google Translate: coniferous and deciduous), "femme" (Google Translate: women), "homme" (Google Translate: man)
Coniferous and Deciduous Trees