A screenshot of the Baldur's Gate Wiki page for Game_source_files/IDS/GENDER, with a list of genders including 1 MALE, 2 FEMALE, 3 OTHER, 4 NIETHER, 5 BOTH, 6 SUMMONED, 7 ILLUSIONARY, 8 EXTRA, 9 SUMMONED_DEMON, 10 EXTRA2 through 18 EXTRA10, and 66 IMPRISONED_SUMMONED.
A screenshot of a the PHP Gender class, which contains constants such as "IS_FEMALE", "IS_MALE", "IS_MOSTLY" variants of the previous both, "IS_UNISEX_NAME", "IS_A_COUPLE", "NAME_NOT_FOUND", "ERROR_IN_NAME", "ANY_COUNTRY" and various country names. The list of countries is cut off.
Gender constants