A  photo of a black wall with two small wooden signs. The top sign has FEMALE printed on it and points right. The bottom sign has PATIO printed on it and points left.
A screenshot of a full-screen dialog from a Nintendo Wii game, with the prompt "Select a g". The two options are "male" which looks mostly normal except for a severely stretched-out 'man' icon behind the text, and another button which is vertically stretched off the top and bottom of the screen, obscures the rest of the prompt, and is unreadable.
Select a g
A photo of a website that says "Start off by picking one of the below. You are..." with selectable options for "Southern Belle" and "Cattle Rancher"
Southern Belle or Cattle Rancher
A photo of a website form with a field for "Gender" and select options for "SMALL" and "LARGE"
A screenshot from what appears to be a video game character creation screen, showing buttons for "Start Game" and "Reset", a "Skin Texture" changer, an "Age" slider, a "Skin Tone" selector, and a toggle choice between "HE/THEY" and "SHE/THEY"
A screenshot of a form, with a text field for "Lastname" (all one word), a text field for "Firstname" (all one word), and a radio buttons field titled "Genre" with the options "Bad" and "Female"
Bad or Female